Since leaving art collage, K-tee’s main influence in her art has been her experience working in the firm industry, creating over a 15 year period some beautiful props for over 30 big budget movies.

Without this influence I wouldn’t be the artist I am today. The film industry has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and stretches my imagination.
I’m excited about the future

From making wands on Harry Potter, to making weapons in Captain America, K-tee has a vast knowledge of making many different objects.

2016 is going to be an exciting year for K-tee, starting with her first solo show in London in March at CNB Gallery under Mark Hix’s restaurant “The Tramshed” in Shoreditch. K-tee is collaborating with the well know celebrity chef, Tom Kerridge in this show. K-tee will be showing new version of here Chocolate grenades plus a special event that happens on the opening night. More details to come nearer the time. Later on this year you will see K-tee collaborating with more artists and will see her at some London art fairs, to be announced.

Why grenades? K-tee’s love of all things WW2 brought her the idea of her 2ft grenades. “I love the engineering aspect of weapons in general but of course they are deadly and nasty objects but not everyone sees them the way I do, so that took me to a place where I want the viewer to feel the same. To forget about what it does. Almost to camouflage the object behind beautiful images and objects”

K-tee has good press releases with The Metro and The Evening Standard while being at Decoratum, a high end furniture store owed by Channel 4’s Dealer of “Four Rooms”, Jeff Salmon. K-tee also has a portrait of Jeff on the set of the show.

K-tee’s group shows have been held at :

Leyton Gallery
The Lulu Guinness Store
Brick Lane Gallery
Beautiful Crime Gallery
West bank Gallery